Dairy Industry

Products for use in the dairy sector

Milk is a highly complex food, a balanced system of proteins, fat, carbohydrates and salts. When milk is processed to make new products, one of the most important tasks is to maintain this balance. We offer functional systems for stabilizing different products based on milk that offer economic benefits and satisfy demand of the market.

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Application Description
Dairy products Stabilizing systems for yoghurt, sour cream and kefir. Texturizing and viscosity adjustment and prevention of syneresis.
Puddings and desserts Stabilizing systems for pasteurized and UHT-treated desserts. Also for whipped products such as mousse and cream toppings. Texturizing and adjustment of processing viscosities; stabilizing of foam and prevention of syneresis.
Milk drinks Stabilizing systems for milk drinks such as cocoa and milk shakes gives the necessary stability, viscosity and creaminess and give shakes a fine, stable foam.
Dairy and vegetable cream Foam stabilizers and emulsion formers. For dairy and vegetable creams for cooking or whipping. Purely vegetable; based on water, milk or soy milk with vegetable fat. Suitable for pasteurized or UHT-treated products.
Ice cream and sorbets The hydrocolloid and emulsifiers complexes adjust products to the desired overrun, mouth feel and melt.
Quark and cream cheese, dips and spreads Stabilizing systems for fresh and whipped quark desserts . For adjusting mouth feel and creaminess and controlling processing viscosities. Increases yield, e.g. in the case of quark.
Processed cheese Combinations of emulsifying salts, proteins and hydrocolloids, for reconstructed products; consistencies from creamy or sliceable . Adjustment of consistency and melting and baking properties.
Cheese specialities Hydrocolloid and protein mixture for deep-fried cheese sticks, cheese patties, cream cheese slices and spreads or reconstructed white cheese, pizza cheese ,ricotta etc. Innovative end products with price competitive recipes.